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In recent years Canadian Law has moved to extend the community standard of the good neighbour principle to the workplace. Employers and employees increasingly are being held accountable to this standard.

Powerful research evidence from several disciplines confirms that the authentic and consistent practice of fairness, civility and respect are key influences on the wellbeing and productivity of the workforce.

The 'Neighbour at Work' is an active dynamic principle. In the workplace, it is impossible to achieve an atmosphere of mental health without it.

Our mission at the Neighbour@Work Centre® is to help organizations protect the mental wellbeing of their employees by promoting a culture of fairness, civility and respect.

To achieve this mission we conduct research and evaluation projects, develop policies and programs and conduct teaching, training and coaching programs.

The Neighbour at Work philosophy, theory and practice  is disseminated through  a range of services that are offered by Martin Shain and his partners.

We focus on improving the quality of the employment relationship itself, with an emphasis on the creation and maintenance of psychologically safe work environments.

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