Great West Life Launch - Legal Developments from 2013 to 2019, World Mental Health Day October 10, 2019:
Summary and Release of 'Getting Ahead of the Perfect Storm'

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Getting Ahead of the Perfect Legal Storm (2019):
A Basic Legal Standard of Care for Workers' Psychological Safety

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The Careful Workplace:
Seeking Psychological Safety at Work in the Era of Canada’s National Standard

by Martin Shain SJD
The purpose of the voluntary National Standard on Psychological Mental Health  - the prevention of reasonably foreseeable harm to workers' mental health - cannot be achieved without regulation ...
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Connecting Workplace Mental Health and Population Health: a call to action for epidemiologists
Canadian Academy of Psychiatric Epidemiology (CAPE) Newsletter. Vol. 4, 4-6, 2014

Weathering the Perfect Legal Storm (2014):
Navigating requirements of the emerging duty to provide a psychologically safe system of work in the context of the voluntary National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace CSA Z1003/BNQ 9700-803

"A Bird’s Eye View” (Summary)
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“Analysis and Commentary”  (Main Report)
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The Road To Psychological Safety: legal, scientific and social foundations for a national standard on psychological safety in the workplace (2012)
Martin Shain, Ian Arnold and Kathy GermAnn
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Preventing Workplace Meltdown:
an employer's guide to maintaining a psychologically safe workplace

Martin Shain & Mary Ann Baynton,
A Carswell Implementation Guide
Helping private and public sector employers and unions understand and meet their new legal obligations to provide and maintain psychologically safe workplaces > More


Preventing and Managing Mental Disability at Work: the HR dilemma and how to resolve it
Martin Shain & Jean-Marc MacKenzie
Benefits and Pensions Monitor, April 2011, P.18-19
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Tracking the Perfect Legal Storm (2010)
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Une bataille juridique tout à fait légitime (2010)

Stress at Work, Mental Injury and the Law in Canada: A Discussion Paper for the Mental Health Commission of Canada (February 2009)
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Le rapport Shain sur le stress au travail/les dommages psychologiques dans le contexte juridique canadien
(Février 2009) 

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